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Cherry blossoms are the sign of Spring in Northwest Ohio

Capture the Colors of Spring

Close up of water droplets on purple flower petalClose up of water droplets on purple flower petal
A vibrant spring bloom

After months of cold weather, spring is a great excuse to take your camera outside. And when you do, you’ll be treated to vibrant blooms, bold greenery, and a bevy of gorgeous birds and animals. Here are some tips to make the most of spring photography.

A photo of an orange door in a red wallA photo of an orange door in a red wall
An outdoor spring scene

Go where you know

Stroll around your own neighborhood with a critical eye. You might see hidden gems you pass every day but never really notice, like vines growing on a faded antique sign, an intricate shadow cast by an iron gate, or the gorgeous spring blooms on a normally-bare tree.

Branch out

Uncovering the overlooked beauty around you is important, but so is venturing out to new areas. Research parks, nature reserves, zoos, and botanical gardens in your area that you’ve not yet visited. You may be surprised at the photo opportunities you’ll find there.

Close up of rain droplets on the streetClose up of rain droplets on the street
A spring rainstorm 

Play in the rain

Spring means showers. So don’t shy away from a little dampness. Shoot through a rain-covered window or a few drops on your lens. Get up early to shoot buildings obscured by a dense fog. Capture a group of children jumping in puddles. A little water can change the scenery and your photographs.

Be patient

Shooting nature scenes can be a waiting game. You can’t ask animals to pose for you or move trees into the light. You have to wait until the elements come together to form the perfect shot. That may mean killing time while clouds roll by, then being prepared to shoot the second they pass. You may have to wait quietly for a herd of deer to wander just into the sunlight. You’re battling against time, weather, and possibly even human interference to get the shots you want. Be sure to check the weather forecast before you leave and allow yourself enough time at a location to get a better end product.

A photo of trees from below A photo of trees from below
Bold greenery

Change your perspective

Sometimes, getting a great shot means going places not everyone can see. Anyone can stand at the base of a mountain. Few will climb to the top to shoot the view below. It’s common to see a tree in the middle of a field. It’s less common to see a close-up view of its textured leaves. Changing your perspective can help you get a photograph that will stand out.

A photo of a person lounging in grass with a cameraA photo of a person lounging in grass with a camera
Enjoying being out in nature

So, get out in nature and capture everything the season has to offer. Then, count on American®Frame for the museum-quality frames and accessories and darkroom-quality printing your best shots deserve. For complimentary help from framing experts, use our Art Assistant™.

May 1, 2019
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