Mat Type

Different types of artwork require different types of mat board. Our designers have curated selections from the world’s finest sources for mat boards; Bainbridge, Crescent and Peterboro. All our mat boards can be PrecisionCut™ to your specifications or purchased in full 32” x 40” sheets if you prefer to cut your own.

For larger works of art, we offer a selection of oversized mat board that can be cut to a maximum outside dimension of 38” x 58”. These selections are available in our most popular colors, in both general purpose and conservation options, as well as different plys.

Our most popular type of mat board, conservation, is offered in an array of colors and thicknesses. Fine art and photography deserve to be protected and these mat boards are up to the challenge. These acid- and lignin-free, fade- and bleed-resistant conservation-grade mat boards keep substances and acidic gases far away from your artwork.  

Looking to add some texture to your framing treatment? We offer fabric selections from Crescent Select and Bainbridge. These 4 ply mat boards pair the classic beauty of woven linen fade- and bleed-resistant surfaces with a conservation quality white core and backing.

For economical, non-archival framing we offer a line of general purpose mat boards in an array of neutral colors, available with a white or light cream core.  

Would you prefer your mat to have a continuous core (the same color as the mat itself)? We offer selection from Bainbridge Essentials, made from 100% virgin alpha-cellulose pulp and Peterboro Museum, made from 100% virgin cotton rag. Both have seamless color from top to bottom, are acid- and lignin-free, are conservation quality, and are fade- and bleed-resistant. Offered in 4 and 8 ply.