Pre Cut Acrylic

Galleries and museums worldwide have embraced plexiglass as a high quality material for exhibition and resale. Why? It protects artwork without distortion or the risk of shattering. Our acrylic plexiglass sheets are acid-free, lightweight, archival quality, and offered in five variations to fit your purpose, budget and style.

Did You Know
Although our Standard and Non-Glare Acrylic have 90% UV resistance they are not conservation grade. Only acrylic with a 97% UV resistance or higher is conservation grade. Our UV, UV Non-Glare, and Tru Vue Optium Museum Acrylic all have 99% UV resistance so choose those to preserve your artwork and photographs. UV spectrophotometers are used during manufacturing to measure UV transmission vs. wavelength to ensure consistent UV protection.

Protecting Your Plexi-glass
Hands off that glass cleaner. Acrylic is plastic, and the ammonia in most cleaners can create a haze on it, obscuring your art. Instead, use a soft cloth and our acrylic cleaner or just plain water.

A Handy Tip
Want to minimize the chance for scratches and dust on your acrylic? Don’t peel the entire protective liner off it at once. Instead, peel one side at a time. Place the first peeled side face down onto the art assembly. Peel the second side just before placing the art into the frame. Already have scratches? Our acrylic scratch remover will make them disappear.

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