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A Mixed and Balanced Gallery Wall

In home décor, the most comfortable and beautiful spaces seamlessly mix different styles together. You never question why or how something ended up in the space. It all just seems to work perfectly.
Yes, matching picture frames look elegant and chic, but purposefully mismatched frames can add interest and keep the eye lingering on your work. You can create a similar effect with a gallery wall or a grouping of photographs and artwork.
Here are some tips to achieve a visually balanced design while mixing frame styles.
Use the Rule of Odds
 In a composition, people are more attracted to odd numbers than even ones. Objects arranged in odd numbers are more appealing, memorable, and effective than even-numbered groupings because your eye is forced to move around, which makes for a more interesting visual experience. So try using five frames instead of four, or three instead of two.
Complement Your Art
 Picture frames and mat boards should always support, not compete with, the art. Choose a color present in the artwork to make it pop, like a beige frame to draw the eye to a bit of sand in an ocean scene. Or stay within the same aesthetic as the work. A Baroque-style painting, for example, would look right at home in an ornate gold frame, while modern art is more well-suited for a sleek metal frame.
Mix it Up
 While it’s best to choose a frame that pairs well with the art inside of it, you don’t have to stick to the same style for every piece on your wall. Mixing types of artwork, such as an oil painting with sketches or prints and watercolors with photography, will keep viewers interested.
Strive for Varied, but Balanced
 Vary the colors, styles and sizes of your frames, but make sure the pieces are balanced. If you have three treatments with yellow mat boards, for example, don’t hang them all on one end of your wall. Spread them throughout the display to maintain visual interest. The same is true of several frames of the same size, color, or material. 

 Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
 Repetition is key. One white frame in a sea of black frames looks like a mistake. But two or three looks intentional. So if you have a white frame that you love, find a few more white frames in different sizes or styles to include in your grouping. Or if you have multiple frame styles and colors, consider using the same color mat board to visually tie them together.
Space it Out
 When hanging your gallery wall or grouping, leave the same amount of space between the frames so it doesn’t appear disorganized. Too much or uneven space between frames can make the arrangement look cluttered.
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November 29, 2019
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