Brand Promise

Our promise, to you, to deliver exceptional experiences for custom framing what matters to youOur promise, to you, to deliver exceptional experiences for custom framing what matters to you

Our promise, to you, to deliver exceptional experiences.

Our Mission:

To be excellent and responsible.

We supply excellent custom picture frame products and services while advancing as a socially responsible company that gives back to the arts.

Our Brand Promise:

To provide exceptional experiences.

We provide a superlative, five-star experience from start to finish. With an ordering process–online, via phone, or in person–that’s easy and simple. With PrecisionCut™ technology, which cuts frames and mat boards within 1/16th of an inch. By having each order handled and packaged with extreme care by one of our experienced team members, then shipped safely, securely, and in a timely manner. If something should go wrong at any point of the process, we’ll make no excuses. We’ll make it right, quickly and efficiently.

Our Anthem:

Here For The Art™.

We believe in art. We believe in its power and potential to transform, beautify, engage, enhance, entrance, intrigue, and fulfill. Our definition of art is loosely defined and highly inclusive. Everyone–professional artist, museum curator, collector, homeowner, kindergartener–has art well worth framing. It could be something of your own creation: a work in oil or pastels, watercolor, drawing, etching, mixed media, digital art; or something of immeasurable sentimental value:, love letter, finger painting, recipe, graduation portrait, vacation photo, autograph, ticket stub, game jersey.

At American Frame, we're here to help present your art beautifully, and always in the best light.