Why Frame a Canvas?

Great art deserves to be properly presented.

Canvas picture frames make an immediate statement, pushing the artwork into the forefront of the room for a bold, beautiful presentation. Choose from a variety of finishes and styles to expertly complete your piece.

We have an extensive selection of custom canvas frames to suit a wide range of art and photography. Finishes range from muted mattes to flashy high-gloss frames, while an assortment of styles includes everything from rustic to modern. Add a layer of depth by choosing a textured surface for added dimension.

Canvas depth frames are customizable and can be constructed in nearly any size to fit your art. Contact us for more help with canvas frames.

Why Frame a Canvas?

When it comes to canvas artwork, you have a decision: To frame or not to frame?

If you’re happy with how the stretched canvas looks on the sides, there’s nothing wrong with displaying it unframed. A print or painting on canvas has a structure and shape all its own. You get to decide if the frame would boost or compromise the art’s impact.

That said, frames can often elevate the status of a work on canvas. Landscapes, still life or traditional portraits painted with oils or acrylics can be magnificently framed with simple, premium materials. Another attractive option is a canvas float frame, named for the slight space or “float” between the art and the inside edge of the frame – this gives the art a recessed perspective. This treatment exposes 100% of the artwork to the viewer, due to the frame being attached to the canvas from the back instead of covering part of it with a lip on the front. Canvas float frames are often seen in contemporary settings because of the inherent sophisticated and graceful separation between frame and surroundings.

Measuring Your Canvas for Framing

Measure the width and height of the art, entering those numbers as the art size when ordering. This is the inside measurement of the frame – not the opening in the front of the frame. Note that the frame lip will overlap the artwork by approximately ¼”. Because canvases are not completely square, take your measurements on the top, middle and bottom of the art.

Remember that the first inch on most rulers and tape measures is not a true inch. Start from the second inch for a more exact measurement. Don't forget to subtract an inch for the final number.

Canvas Printing and Stretching

Printing on canvas continues to grow in popularity due to the warmth, texture and dimension the canvas adds to art and photography. American Frame guarantees the best possible results on our canvas prints, all of which are created using Epson giclee printing technology and archival Ultrachrome inks on 100% cotton canvas. The degreed experts in our printing department understand the connection between digital art, color management and printing. Our canvas is hand stretched onto wooden stretcher bars – never glued to cardboard. Our team discerningly evaluates each piece coming in and going out of the printing workflow, ensuring quality standards are met. If needed, retouching services can be requested.

Standard Stretch Canvas

Museum Wrap Canvas

Gallery Wrap Canvas

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