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Mounting board, or backing board, supports your artwork within the frame.

Mounting board: For the life of your art

Mounting board optionsMounting board options
Mounting board options

Also called foam core or backing board, mounting board is a strong, stiff board consisting of a lightweight foam within outside layers of paper. It supports artwork within a frame, and provides a smooth surface onto which the art can be mounted.

When you buy picture frames with a complete framing treatment, mounting board isn’t typically seen, but serves an important function in preserving artwork. It prevents delicate paper works from curling and warping and helps keep dust and other unwanted substances from getting inside the frame treatment.

Soft, corrugated cardboard should never be used for this purpose. It doesn’t possess the necessary stiffness, and it contains harmful acids and gasses that can damage artwork.

Also, mounting boards should not be used in treatments featuring canvas float frames.

At American Frame, we offer a variety of mounting boards for various needs and budgets:

Standard Mounting Board is high-quality paper-faced board with a memory foam center and smooth, white paper with a moisture-resistant clay coating. An economical choice. Note: This product is non-archival and not recommended for original drawings or watercolor paintings.

Archival Mounting Board is for preservation mounting and framing, and recommended for photographers and artists to preserve artwork – including original drawings and watercolors – for long-term display or storage. It’s memory foam center is engineered to retain thickness and resist warping, and its paper is free of acid, pollutants and harmful gasses.

Self Adhesive Mounting Board is an extruded polystyrene mounting board with memory foam center. One side is a smooth, clay-coated paper, and the other side is a pressure-sensitive adhesive covered by a protective release liner.  It’s an excellent, permanent solution for mounting posters, open-edition artwork, and photographs. Note: This product is non-archival and not recommended for original drawings or watercolor paintings.

Archival Mounting Board Black is a solid black foam with satin black finished paper on both sides. It’s ideal for many specialty framing projects including newspaper articles, which require a dark backing to prevent "ghosting" (that’s when the newspaper's backside shows through to the front page). It’s also used as a background for "floating" art in a frame, and for shadow boxes with dimensional objects (medals, pocket watches, etc).

Need help picking out mounting board or other picture framing supplies? Consult our in-house framing experts.

January 29, 2020
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