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Choosing the Right White

Porcelain. Chantilly. Ice. When it comes to mat boards, there’s a rainbow of white hues to choose from. And artists and others who work with color know that white shades are incredibly varied, ranging from pure-fallen snow to rich cream.
When choosing a white mat board for your next project, there are several factors to consider.
Are the colors in your artwork cool or warm? If they’re warm, you’ll want to lean toward whites with warm-colored undertones like pink, orange, red and yellow. If they’re cool, consider cooler whites with undertones of blue, purple or green.
Cool Whites
Cool white mat boards make a great complement to clear  and deeply saturated colors, lending a clean look to any design while offering a sharp contrast between the mat and the art. Black and white photographs, floral art, and artwork with heavy or bright colors tend to look best with cooler bright white mat boards
Warm Whites
Sepia-toned photos, beach and autumn scenes, or any image with a strong yellow undertone usually calls for a warmer off-white or creamier white.
Below, we’ve listed our white mat boards, from cool to warm and smooth to textured to help you easily make your selection.
General Purpose                          
Cool    E4709 Extreme White, white core, smooth
            5754 Porcelain, black core, slight texture
            E4754 Porcelain, white core, slight texture
            754 Porcelain, cream core, slight texture
            E4065 Fabric White, white core
            CB402 White, cream core, smooth
            824 Chantilly, cream core, slight texture
Warm  E4824 Chantilly, white core, slight texture
Conservation with Artcare technology                                
Cool    8260 Ice White, white core, smooth
            8262 Polar White, white core, smooth
            8463 Spanish White, white core, smooth
            8463.6 Spanish White 6 Ply, white core, smooth
            8321.6 Spanish White 6 Ply, black core, smooth
            8740.8 White 8 Ply, continuous core, smooth
            8740 White, continuous core, smooth
            8466 Frost, white core, slight texture
            8466.6 Frost 6 Ply, white core, slight texture
            8465 Igloo, white core, smooth
            8465.6 Igloo 6 ply, white core, smooth
            8464 Matte White, white core, smooth
            8559.6 Photo White 6 Ply, white core, smooth
            8467 French White, white core, textured
            4020 White Cloud Linen, white core, heavily textured
 Warm 8486 Arabian White, white core, slight texture
Conservation Rag
Cool     8655 Pure White, continuous core, smooth
             8653.8 Pure White 8 Ply, continuous core, smooth
             8660.8 White 8 Ply, continuous core, smooth
             8656 Natural White, continuous core, smooth
             8640 Antique White, continuous core, smooth
Warm   8640.8 Antique White 8 Ply, continuous core, smooth
Once you narrow your selection to a few possibilities, we recommend ordering samples so you can see the true mat color in person. We offer up to 5 free samples or you can purchase an entire set of samples.
Need more help choosing the right shade of white? Consult our in-house framing experts.      

November 29, 2019
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