Natural Walnut Deep Gallery Frame

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  • H: 2 1/4"
  • W: 13/16"
  • R: 2 1/16"

This solid walnut wood frame features a rich, light-medium brown color with darker variations where the wood’s growth rings appear—plus ever-so-slight undertones of honey. Exhibiting a texture both smooth to the touch and indicative of the wood’s beautiful innate grains, the finished natural walnut reveals character, strength and an organic appeal. 

Its 2-inch rabbet depth makes this moulding particularly ideal for works on canvas and shadow box projects.

As you design, keep in mind that these are natural walnut frames with a clear, water based finish, featuring a great variability both in texture and color, just like the tree itself. No two frames are alike - texture and color may vary within a single frame itself. If consistency in color is important to you, try our 208 Dark Walnut.


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