Natural Walnut Wood Picture Frame

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  • H: 1 3/16"
  • W: 13/16"
  • R: 7/8"

Nature’s artistry delights in this hearty, rich brown frame constructed from solid walnut. Crafted with precision and care, it features a clear, water-based finish that allows the inherent light and dark variations of the walnut to show through, and exposes the mesmerizing patterns of natural wood grain.

A member of our distinguished American Hardwoods collection, this rustic beauty distinguishes the presentation of various pieces. Paying homage to American craftsmanship and authentic wood, it is delivered fully assembled and equipped with spring clips to securely hold your cherished art stack in place. 

A true embodiment of natural walnut, each frame is as unique as the majestic tree from which it originates—bearing its own distinct texture and color. Therefore, no two frames are identical. If you place particular emphasis on uniform coloration, consider our 208 Dark Walnut Gallery Frame.

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