She’s a Princeton grad (art history) with a law degree from Stanford. But Jorey Hurley has “always been at home with art.” It’s in her blood. All of her grandparents were artists in one way or another. Her father’s a documentary filmmaker. Her mother’s a sculptor. “Making art is hardwired into us,” Jorey says. Today, she lives and works in the Presidio of San Francisco with her husband (who runs his architectural studio out of their house) and two young-adult daughters “who have also taken to the idea of making something every day.”“I believe in the power of making,” Jorey says. “Seeing ideas come to life is how art transforms.” In the middle of her career as an artist, she found herself at home with two small children and no longer working as a textile designer. So, she began making a drawing every day. “Make art and get it out into the world,” she kept telling herself. “I had faith the rest would take care of itself.” Ten years and a few thousand drawings later, Jorey’s process of “making” proved quite beneficial. Success came slowly. First, with illustrated children’s books, published by Simon & Schuster. Then, with an online shop––through which her art prints are sold directly from her studio. Today, she enjoys more commissions and collaborations. “I’m actually using my law school training more as I engage with increasingly ambitious projects. But I still draw almost every day.” That, Jorey believes, is the foundation of her lasting success.