Clean, Crisp and Contemporary: Get the Look with Art Printed on Acrylic Plexiglas®

Because of the great advances in print technology, the ability to create beautiful art prints is accessible and affordable to all of us, from the DIY hobbyist to the most skilled artists. And no matter our experience, we all confront the same design decisions: color (or lack thereof), size, texture, finish. Even the shape of a print must be decided. We make all these decisions in the context of what we hope to achieve with the work aesthetically and, ultimately, emotionally. This is what makes printing both challenging and exhilarating: it extends the creative process on through installation and display.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve created an abundance of content designed to guide you through designing a print. Our resident experts have blogged and tweeted about the ins and outs of proofing and paper or canvas selection. There are so many ways to make an impact with a photo or digital art reproduction and I hope that this month’s series has inspired you to try something new in the realm of printing.

But before we leave this subject, I want to call out our most innovative substrate: clear, archival reflective Plexiglas . Many people don’t realize that Plexiglas, which usually protects artwork, can also be printed on, and with amazing results!

light print on plexiglas

Much like canvas, printing on acrylic Plexiglas doesn’t require a frame. This allows artwork to truly stand on its own without distraction, giving it a minimalist, sculptural quality. In addition, as a substrate it gives artwork luminosity and unique elegance. Pieces can be printed extra-large, up to 4’ x 8’, which is absolutely stunning in light-filled settings. All of these qualities make Plexiglas a wonderful option for contemporary interiors and industrial-like spaces.

darker print on plexiglas

We’d love to help you take advantage of all Plexiglas has to offer. To that end, samples are available on request.

If you choose to print on Plexiglas, keep in mind the longer lead time when ordering. It generally takes about 3 weeks or so for production.

If you’ve experienced printing on acrylic Plexiglas as a substrate, we’d love to hear your reactions. Or maybe you have another favorite print medium? Lend your insight and your inspiration. We look forward to hearing it.

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AubreyK | 5/30/2014 9:57:18 AM | 4 comments

They are very beautiful pieces.
6/2/2014 9:53:18 AM


You sure can! We also offer printing on aluminum as well.
6/2/2014 9:52:49 AM

This makes for a real gorgeous effect
5/30/2014 12:07:41 PM

These are beautiful! I never knew you could print on plexi glass
5/30/2014 10:19:17 AM

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