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Framing Art Yourself - Pros and Cons of DIY Framing

Shouldn’t we all be our own picture framers? We think so.

If you create art or enjoy DIY decorating, then consider learning to frame for yourself. The fundamentals of picture framing are easy to learn and fun to practice. The framing treatment you choose literally because becomes part of the art, impacting its appearance, longevity and value, yet many people aren’t sure whether or not they should hire a professional or do it themselves.

Have a look at the following pros and cons of doing it yourself to decide whether this task is for you.


  • Savings – when you are framing art yourself, you won’t need to pay the additional labor costs, which can add up quite quickly, and you can take advantage of the internet to help you to find your materials at a lower price.
  • Creative control – when you turn this into a DIY project, you have the ability to have a look at all of the various mats, colors, woods, styles, and other options and make the final decision based on your personal taste and creativity without the influence of anyone else.
  • Achieving the mastery of a new skill – once you get to know the process, it only gets easier, meaning that you will be able to enjoy framing art again and again, improving your abilities and your achievements.


  • It’s addictive! DIY framers do risk becoming addicted to framing art. When they discover how inexpensive and fun it is, it can easily become a regular hobby.
  • Wall space shortage – as DIY framers continue to frame art that they’ve had around or that they’ve newly purchased, they risk facing wall space shortages as the real estate there is rapidly filled.
  • Art collection rotation – due to the fact that there is more framed art than wall space, collections will need to be rotated so that all of the beautiful artwork will have its opportunity to see the light of day.
  • Reframing with changing trends – as new framing styles and fashions in the interior decorating environment are created and sold, art that had previously been framed will need to be reframed.

By weighing the pros and cons of framing art, you can quickly decide which choice is right for your own projects.

May 1, 2014
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