Restorations Picture Frames with a Rustic Chic Look

Over the next few months, we are launching a series of new picture frames and the first one for 2014 is a collection by Nurre Caxton called ‘Restorations’.  These frames will fit nicely into the new ‘Rustic Chic’ aesthetic that is gaining popularity in interior design. It’s a sophisticated, minimalist take on the old American Farmhouse Country style, where traditionally rustic furnishings in natural or antiqued wood tones are incorporated into modern living spaces;  it’s a refined and elegant approach to blending the old with the new, the substantial weighty furnishings in spare environments.

I see it everywhere, from the pages of Elle Décor to the thousands of design contributions on Houzz and of course, in the latest catalog from Restoration HardwareThis was my inspiration for adding this series of mouldings.

The Restorations collection features slightly distressed wood tones in crisp, classic profiles. They will help bring a feeling of warmth to your art and your space.  

As you look at the choices, you will notice two series of numbers: the “315” series measures just a little over an inch wide by nearly 2” high with a rabbet depth of 1 1/8” and is offered in both a Pecan and Matte Black finish.  Although the black will most likely be the more popular of the two as it’s an easy color to use, this particular Pecan finish is distinctive and sports a bit of a ‘60’s vibe that will add instant flair to a modern rustic room.

Restorations 315 profile

Restorations Pecan picture frame

We added four color choices in the “316” series, the wider, flatter counterpart to the “315” profile measuring almost 2” wide,  1 5/32” tall  13/16” deep making  these profiles sufficient  for framing canvases  using linen liners or other types of  art using multiple mat boards. Three of the colors, Matte Black, Grey Wash, and Hazelnut are classic, traditional finishes. I want to point out ‘Kona’, an interesting combination of brown and grey into a single matte tone, fusing a more contemporary finish into the mix.

Restorations 316 profile

Restorations Kona picture frame

If you’re interested in taking a closer look, remember that 360 degree views are offered on our new Frame Detail pages online and free samples are available upon request. If you do decide to order, please let me know how you like the product and post a picture to share.

AubreyK | 1/27/2014 8:04:12 AM | 2 comments
American Frame
Ahh yes! These frames would be perfect for your rustic vintage wedding. Love love love rustic and vintage paired together. Thanks for sharing!
2/10/2014 9:00:12 AM

heather r
I love this! my upcoming October wedding is rustic vintage style, and this type of framing will be perfect for our wedding photos! #framelove
2/8/2014 6:53:28 PM

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