Frequently Asked Questions - Printing

▼ Why use American Frame for your art and photography printing?
▼ What kinds of files do you accept?
▼ How should I send you my image for printing?
▼ What kind of printing substrates do you use?
▼ Do you offer proofing services?
▼ What types of printing media do you offer?
▼ May I order samples?
▼ If I order a loose print, do you provide a border so I can sign it later?
▼ How do I properly photograph my art for print reproduction?
▼ Do you provide ICC printing profiles so I can soft proof my image before I send it to you?
▼ Do you preserve embedded profiles in digital images?
▼ How do you handle color matching?
▼ I am a novice and would like some extra assistance with photo retouching. Can you help?
▼ How quickly can I expect my order?
▼ I have a large order I’d like you to produce. Do you offer any discounts?
▼ How do megapixels, resolution and pixel dimensions relate to print size?
▼ How do I print to canvas gallery wraps with mirrored or colored borders?
▼ Do I have to be a professional photographer to print with you?

Still have questions about printing? Contact us. We look forward to assisting you.