Creating Float Gaps with Canvas Floater Frames


A float gap is the space or void between the inner edge of your canvas float frame and the stretched canvas. It adds a visual resting space between the canvas and frame, much like a mat does for works on paper. It also gives the illusion that your artwork is “floating” inside the frame without touching it, an interesting visual effect that creates a sense of depth.
Creating a float gap is easy. Simply measure the width and height of your stretched canvas, including the areas where the canvas folds over, as these folds can add up to an additional ¼” to the overall size. Measure on the left, center, and right of your canvas to ensure it is square.
After you have your measurements, order your materials from First, browse our collection of wood canvas floater frames and metal canvas floater frames.  Choose the frame you like and you’ll be taken to the Design Your Package page. If you’d like the common ¼” float, enter the width and height of your canvas as the art size. Then, click on the frame tab and check the box that says “Please add ¼ float gap.” Our website will automatically calculate the frame size to accommodate the desired float gap.


For a custom-sized float gap, you’ll need to add your desired measurement into the frame size when ordering. Make sure to add the float for both sides. For example, if you have a larger canvas and prefer a 3/8” float, you’ll need to add a total of 3/4” (3/8” + 3/8”) to both your width and height. On the Design Your Package page, enter the width and height of your canvas plus the float gap as the frame size.


Canvas floater frames will come with all the hardware you need to attach your stretched canvas. We can also print, stretch and frame your canvas artwork and photographs.
For more help creating your framing treatment, contact our in-house framing experts.