Changes in Our Acid-free Mat Boards

You’ll notice some changes to some of our Alphamat Artcare matboards. Our manufacturer is making some alterations to their current mat board names and product numbers. We want to carry the best selection we can for our customers, so we’re making the change too.

The good news is that these are the same colors that we carried before, but with better boards that now have art care technology, offered at the same great prices. “Nielsen Bainbridge Artcare™ products offer industry-leading protection for art and photos. Only Artcare products contain patented micro-chambers that proactively trap and neutralize harmful gases that can cause fading, yellowing and deterioration.”

Here is a complete conversion chart to make the transition easier. Simply reference this chart to see which new number and color matches our previous numbers:

From To
Color # # Color
Greenrock 12105 8104 Sage
Green Haze 12158 8157 Verde
Radiant Red 12193 8192 Fiery Red
Tawny Yellow 12402 8401 Biscotti
Candid Yellow 12410 8409 Amber
Snowpea 12413 8412 Green Olive
Dim Blue 12425 8424 Chameleon
Light Yellow 12447 8446 Raffia
Green Marshes 12449 8448 Jalepeno
Blue Jean 12451 8450 Denim Blue
Vivid Orange 12454 8453 Cayenne
Carroty 12455 8454 Marigold
Burnt Yellow 12456 8455 Maize
Greenhouse 12470 8469 Stuart Green
Jelly 12479 8478 Romanesque Grape
Violet Red 12484 8483 Baroque Ruby
Calm Grey 12506 8505 Teal Grey
Brown Saddle 12513 8512 Sorrel
Medium Grey 12516 8515 Dover Grey
Dark Sky 12519 8518 Ash
Night Time 12527 8526 Indigo
Barren Red 12529 8528 Garnet
Sailboat Blue 12534 8533 Brittany
Warm Blue 12535 8534 Flemish Blue
Myrtle Beach 12536 8535 Moroccan Sand
Brunette 12540 8539 Briarwood
Bundle 12551 8550 Calabash
Green Ivy 12552 8551 Baltic Green
Faint Orange 12557 8556 Kirkwood
Frosted Blue 12571 8570 Ice Blue
Prom Pink 12578 8577 Blush
Light Purple 12584 8583 Pale Mauve
Taxi Cab 12586 8585 Jonquil
Factory Grey 12594 8593 Steel Grey
Tide Blue 12598 8597 Flagstone

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If you’re unsure about colors, order free samples and as always, if you have any questions we’re here to assist! Give us a call at 800.537.0944.

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