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Today I’d like to point out a resource that may be helpful to you as you custom frame your own art: the American Frame YouTube Channel. Here you will find a full library of video tutorials offering a wealth of information related to DIY picture framing.

Our channel is easily accessed from the How-to page of our site:, or via the social links in the footer of our website.

On the How-to page, browse our most popular choices, or click “view all” to be taken to the channel.

From the footer of our website, click on the YouTube icon to be taken to our channel directly.
Once you are at our channel, click on “Videos” to see a complete list of videos.

Now I will tell you that these videos encompass a broad base of content we have produced over the course of the last 10 years. Very quickly, you will notice a wide variety of styles and purposes in our tutorials ranging from our “Frame Fairy” cartoons with their vintage “Rocky & Bullwinkle” vibe, to more modern, hands-on lessons and “Kahn Academy”-style video screen movies on specific products and processes. 

You will also find a series of legacy videos we produced last year to honor our founder (and my father), Ron Mickel, who celebrated his 80th birthday last year as our company turned 40. We felt it’s a story that should be on record for interested viewers.

One of my all-time favorite tutorial videos is one that I helped to create on the Fletcher FrameMaster point driver.  As a frequent framer, I thought it was important to show just how easy and essential this tool can be for assembling wood picture frames. I purchased my point driver in the late 90’s and it continues to perform.

We are always trying to evolve and diversify our content to appeal to a wide audience with a variety of skills and needs and we are adding to the assortment constantly. If there is anything in particular you’d like to see us produce, feel free to post your ideas here and help us ignite some discussion. Do you enjoy using videos to learn or do you prefer written instruction?  Which are your favorites?

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