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Business Term Paper Topic Ideas

  • Accounts Receivables In Non-Profit Setting.

This paper discusses accounts receivables in non-profit setting. The paper is based pertaining to finance class at an MBA level. The paper discusses the affect of account receivables on cash flows, collections etc.

  • Acme Paper Clip Company.

This is a planning paper of the human resources department of acme paper clip company.

  • Action Learning: An Analysis.

If you chose this topic to do your homework you have to examine achieving change in a company using action learning principles as a means to achieve that change in your paper. The paper presents a theoretical discussion of AL, a detailed methodology for instituting change based on the literature, and a proposed process to implement the change. 

  • Action Program-Distribution.

This junior level paper describes the distribution strategy and the promotional techniques of the Urban Outfitter's retail chain of stores.

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