Art Gallery Terms & Conditions

Please read the Art Gallery Agreement below. If you agree to all the terms, click the "I agree..." button to proceed to the application.

The purpose of the Art Gallery “Program” is to allow artists to upload their original works of art and make those works available to consumers, for purchase, as Giclee fine art reproductions.

This document is a legal agreement between you and American Frame Corporation. By clicking the "I agree" button at the end of this document, you are stating that you have read the following agreement, and that you agree with all of the statements contained within the "Artist Gallery Agreement".

  1. Program Participation: Before your art gallery can be established you must first carefully read and agree to the following and terms and conditions. Participation in the program is based upon the assumption that you are 18 years of age or older and can form a legally binding contract.

  2. Program Access: Once you have completed the registration process a “gallery” will be established for you at the URL Access to the gallery will require a user name and password.

  3. Acceptance or Rejection of Artwork Files: Digital artwork that is uploaded to your gallery will be reviewed by American Frame to ensure it complies with the companies Decency Policy. American Frame reserves the unilateral right to reject without liability to the submitter any artwork.

  4. Image Classification: American Frame reserves the right to re-classify images in your gallery through the use of “keywords” and “categories” with respect to the search functions of the Art Gallery.

  5. Indemnification: You agree to indemnify and hold harmless American Frame, its owners, directors, employees against all legal claims from any and all claims that publication of your artwork in this manner (a) violates any copyright or intellectual property rights of others, (b) violates anyone’s right to privacy, or (c) is in any manner obscene, unlawful or harmful to viewers. This indemnity by you of American Frame includes all costs, fines, reasonable legal fees, judgments or settlements relative to any such claim or suit.

  6. American Frame makes no recommendation, warranty or promise of any kind in connection with the use of the Art Gallery that you will receive any orders or purchases of your art.