Art and Photography Printing

Paper Choices

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Choose from our range of beautiful substrates. Then, apply your savings. With our many options, including Plexiglas® and aluminum, the print possibilities are endless.

Canvas Choices

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Give your art some added dimension with new Plexiglas® and Aluminum options.

Specialty Choices

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  • Plexiglas®
  • (Allow 4 weeks for production)
  • Aluminum
  • (Allow 4 weeks for production)


Presenting your work on Plexiglas® offers the viewer the feeling that the art is actually floating within the space. It will give your work luminosity and a bright, crisp clarity. Black & white or color photography, highly textured acrylic paintings, bright watercolors and organic art in cool, primary tones tend to translate best onto this substrate. Please allow 4 weeks to process. SPECIFICATIONS:

  • 4mm thickness
  • 100% UV safe
  • Printed with proprietary European inks
  • Protective coating guards against scratches and boosts opacity
  • Wood hanging system floats art 1 ¼” from the wall
  • Perfect for light filled spaces

Perfect for achieving an industrial look and for applications where it is important to eliminate glare. All types of work translate beautifully as the aluminum is pre-treated with a white powder coating so all colors and mediums are presented accurately. Please allow 4 weeks for processing. SPECIFICATIONS:

  • 2mm thickness
  • 100% UV safe
  • Printed with proprietary European inks
  • Pre-treated with a white powder coating
  • White hanging system floats art 1 ¼” from the wall
  • Perfect for eliminating glare and achieving an industrial look

We understand your excitement. After you’ve captured an image with your camera or brush, you want to share it with the world – or at least one special patron.

When it comes to reproducing your original paintings and photography, and then choosing the right custom wood and metal picture frame, flexibility is a very good thing. So, at American Frame, we give you plenty of it.

You’ll enjoy a selection of nine fine art and photographic papers, ranging from flat to glossy and warm to cool, plus, a wide selection of wooden and metal picture frame kits.

Or perhaps you think that canvas might be more appropriate. If so, you can choose from three canvas stretching options, and nearly 70 museum-quality canvas-depth wood frames.

If you’d like to present your work in an even more unique manner, consider allowing us to reproduce it on aluminum or archival Plexiglas®.

And take advantage of our easy, accurate and affordable proofing process. Most custom prints are ready to ship within four business days. And there are no minimum orders.

Have a question about printing your original work or our wood and metal picture frames? Feel free to contact us or check our printing FAQs and how-to articles.

Here's what our customers are saying:
First Print Order
"I have purchased framing materials from American Frame in the past, but this was my first print order. I had the same digital artwork printed on two different papers. I am new to digital media and wanted to see if I was on the right track with file preparation and color choices. The American Frame website does a good job of explaining the relationship between resolution and image size. They also offer paper samples, and describe the characteristics of each of the quality papers they offer. My order arrived very quickly (in 3 days) using standard shipping. I was very pleased with the paper quality and the very clean and accurate quality of the image."
My 'Go To' Print Shop
"Stellar print quality with an awesome selection of artistic photo papers at a reasonable price. Fast shipping too. I will continue to get my photos printed here."
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