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When we first opened our doors in 1973, we transformed custom picture framing from an expensive “hire-a-professional” task to an economical “do-it-yourself” project. Today, with all the online tools and personal help we offer, it’s more of a “do-it-with-us” project. For more personal assistance, call us with your questions or Ask Mike.
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Wide selection, low prices, fast and friendly service.
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Wide selection, low prices, fast and friendly service.
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Cuddle up with a good book like our DIY Framing Fundamentals guide.
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DIY Framing Fundamentals book
What's the good word in framing? Get our take on various topics.
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Custom DIY framing has several different components and it can seem overwhelming when you are trying it for the first time.  

It’s for this reason that we have taken great care to turn our website into an online resource that you can use to guide yourself all the way through the process with confidence.  Our “How To” section has been designed to turn DIY framing into something that you can accomplish so that you will be proud of the result that you achieve.  Have a look at our video tutorials to eliminate the mystery surrounding all of the different materials, accessories, tools, techniques, and assembly that you may need to use along the way.

If you still have questions, the odds are that you aren’t the only one who has ever asked them.  Check out the answers to our FAQs to see if the solution you need has already been added for you to see.
There are also a range of different articles that provide you with instructions in print, so you can follow them at your own pace, step by step.

By educating yourself in this way, you’ll feel good about the choices that you are making and will be able to have fun with your project.