Introducing the New American Frame Gift Card

The perfect gift for any art lover, just in time for the holidays

American Frame is launching a brand new gift card program. Goodbye gift certificates….hello beautiful, customizable gift cards! The launch will occur in two phases over the next two weeks. On Thursday, Nov 13 the interface will be implemented on the website. E-gift cards can be purchased immediately. Physical gift cards can be purchased but will not start shipping until approximately November 20. American Frame will honor any outstanding gift certificates held by our customers.

Customization plus simplicity: this fusion led to American Frame and DIY framing at its best. Now we bring that same great combination to our new gift cards – a logical answer to the question of unique gift ideas not only for the holidays but for any occasion.

American Frame gift card

Here are the basics. The new gift cards are available in any denomination from $10 to $500* and are fully customizable with your own designs. When you order, upload an image—your business logo, a friend’s photograph, your own artwork—and we’ll print a card just for you. Or, to keep it simple, order American’s Frame fun heart design. Tailor your delivery and card type as well. Choose an e-card we’ll send by email or a physical card sent in the post. It’s fun to have something to open—with an actual letter opener that is!

The ordering interface is clean and easy. Go to our home page and click on Gift Cards. You’ll see a dedicated page, managed by a professional gift card company (so be aware it has it’s own shopping cart). This interface works just as well from your tablet or smart phone as it does from your desktop. At this time, gift cards are only available online. Once our new Showroom is in place next Spring, we will offer physical cards for sale at that location.

Clients, friends and family will find the cards easy and flexible to redeem. Cards can be used to purchase any of our products and services, including framing tools and printing services. Need the balance? Access that information via a link on our gift card page or call us and our customer service team will be happy to look it up.

Have fun, be creative, then take a break. You can feel confident your gift will delight for years to come, be it transformed into a fabulous work of art, a beautiful frame or a handy tool. That’s the magic of American Frame!

online gift card interface

*Please Note: Additional funds can’t be added to existing cards. Lost or stolen cards cannot be replaced and cards can’t be returned or refunded either.

AubreyK | 11/10/2014 8:55:13 AM | 2 comments
American Frame
The options are endless
11/17/2014 9:02:18 AM

So cool! I can't wait to customize!
11/14/2014 5:00:48 PM

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