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nicoline launister, new york, Alabama, Pastels, 0 items in gallery Types of essays Essays are divided into the following subspecies: Description. In other words, characterization. Most often used in texts aimed at the verbal representation of portraits, characters, states of characters or the surrounding reality. The description makes abundant use of qualitative adjectives and verbs in the present tense, as well as many artistic devices like metaphor, epithet, and comparisons. The form of writing an essay-description is quite free and does not have a rigid structural framework. Narrative. It is essentially a handwritten story that contains such elements as a plot, development of action, climax, and denouement. In the best writing services tell the events that occur in the proper sequence, which can be helped by the use of verbs and participles in the present tense. Reasoning. The most favorite type of assignment by teachers. Typically, the writer is given some argument or question that must be developed in the work, supporting his or her own point of view with inferences and concrete evidence. The traditional composition of reasoning includes a thesis (the main idea of the essay), a main body (a listing of arguments), and a conclusion, which should reflect the fairness/unfairness or correctness/wrongness of the given topic. It is not uncommon for all three types of essays to be present to some extent in a single paper. Introduction In other words, it is necessary to concisely but fully indicate the direction of the essay by raising a few questions to which the writer is going to seek answers. It is not without reason in coolessay they say that brevity - the sister of talent, and it is the introductory part of this proverb best reflects.
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