Doris Hall
Doris  Hall
Doris Hall, Arizona, AR, Oil/Acrylic, 1 items in gallery These are only a few of the oldest college football rivalries. Football historians classify rivalries as oldest, most continuous and those with the most games played between the rival teams. Many other rivalries with long histories exist, including Harvard-Yale, Georgia-Georgia Tech, Auburn- Alabama, Oklahoma-Texas and Ohio State-Michigan, to name a few. No matter who is competing, college football rivalries generally bring out the best in both teams, regardless of ranking or record. Students can take either the SAT or ACT to meet NCAA eligibility requirements. NCAA standards are based on a sliding scale; students with high grades in core courses can earn lower scores, while students meeting only the minimum GPA must earn higher marks. A student with a 2.3 GPA must earn a combined score of at least 900 on SAT Reading and Math or a sum of 75 on the four subsections of the ACT. In contrast, a student with 3.55 GPA or above only needs a 400 SAT or 37 ACT to meet eligibility requirements. NCAA's Amateurism Standards NCAA prides itself on standards designed to promote fair and equal pay online essay writer for do homework, so all NCAA athletes must maintain amateur status. In general, this means not receiving payment for playing a sport, but there are specific rules covering prize money or compensation for travel. College athletes will need to answer a series of questions that allow officials to determine if any violations occurred. Athletes who have violated NCAA policies face penalties including repayment of money, sitting out a specific number of games, or in extremely rare situations, complete ineligibility.
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