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Artwork Spacers

EconoSpace© from FrameTek® is a neutral pH plastic "peel & stick" type art-acrylic (plexi-glass) separator that bonds to the edge of the acrylic in a picture frame, when floating art on mat board. It creates airspace between the art and acrylic in both wood and metal picture frames. This airspace helps prevent mold growth, paper buckling, image transfer and adhesion to the acrylic.
Artwork spacers are that thin line that provides protection and a more finished appearance to your framed artwork.  They are the component of a framing project that creates a gap between the artwork itself and the glazing of the frame.

The reason that this airspace is very important is that it can help in the prevention of the growth of mold, it can reduce the risk that the paper will buckle and crinkle, it will eliminate the chance of image transfer, and it will stop the artwork from actually adhering to the glazing of the frame.

Framing with the artwork pressed directly against the glazing – regardless of whether it is glass or acrylic – is one of the fastest ways to ensure that the piece will be damaged.  Eliminating that problem is as simple as using artwork spacers.  This stops moisture from being trapped onto the artwork and makes sure that any changes in humidity in the room in which the artwork is being displayed will not have an uneven impact on the piece.  The airflow that is created through that tiny amount of extra space can make an immeasurable difference.