Do you do a lot of framing? Want to make the process easier and your results even better? The right tools for making great art frames will certainly help. Our Essentials Picture Framing Kit ($54) will help you get museum-quality results from all your DIY custom framing efforts.
Essential Picture Framing Tool Kit (F9160) $54
(The kit would also make a great gift for the frequent framer in your life.)

Here’s what our Essentials Picture Framing Kit includes:
  • Our adhesive transfer tape (F6080) can be applied by hand and helps when mounting photographs, artwork, backing paper and similar materials where two adhesive surfaces are required.
  • An anti-static wisk brush (F2070) gently and safely removes static and dust from acrylic glazing, glass, plastic, mats, prints and artwork.
  •  Acrylic cleaner (F2090) can, with the acrylic cleaning cloth also included in the kit, remove static, prevents fingerprints, repels dust and improves the shine of acrylic.
  • An acrylic cleaning cloth (F2050) lifts dust, fingerprints, and skin oils off picture frame acrylic as well as furniture, glass and computer screens.
Buy the kit here. And watch our YouTube videos for the best ways to use the tools included in the kit.