Introducing New Frames


At American®Frame, we’re always looking for exciting new frames to enhance your art, photography, and keepsakes. That’s why we’re excited to unveil our newest additions and walk you through what makes them special.
We love using metallic frames as updated, sophisticated, neutrals.  They go with any color scheme and add an extra dash of shine to help your art stand out. Our newest additions to the Metallics collection, Silver, Gold, and Bronze wood, feature a slightly beveled square profile and brown sides for an on-trend two-toned look. The silver frame features subtle gold highlights; the gold has silver highlights; and the bronze has brown highlights, making these frames perfect for mixing and matching. The textured finish of these solid-wood frames plays with light to create a modern, luminescent look.
If you’re a fan of wood frames, you probably appreciate the organic grain patterns and want them to shine through. That’s the hallmark of our American Hardwoods collection: beautiful, natural wood. We’ve added Grey Cherry Wood in canvas float and canvas depth styles.  The float frame is not compatible with works on paper, but its 1 1/2" rabbet makes it ideal for stretched canvas. Order with a gap between the canvas and frame so your artwork will appear to 'float' within the frame.
Sometimes, you want your frame to be a supporting character while your art is the main event. That’s where the Basics collection comes in. They’re simple and economical, and their matte finishes are perfect for gallery-style art groupings. This square-profiled frame is now available in Matte Grey and Putty Wood with and without a deep rabbet and in 1 ¼” wide and ¾” wide sizes.
Those same two colors ̶ Putty Wood and Matte Grey ̶ also are available in a sleek, timeless profile in our Studio collection.
Wood frames come joined together and with the spring clips necessary to hold your art stack in place. They are easy to install with a drill or screwdriver.
Have framing questions? Call, email, or live chat our framing experts. We’re happy to help.