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Are You Paying Too Much For Custom Picture Framing?

Are You Paying Too Much For Custom Picture Framing?

Custom framing is an equation of cost and value. Custom frame prices are quite variable based on the dimensions of the piece, the quality and quantity of material used in the frame, and the level of detail and intricacy found on the frame itself. 

In nearly all circumstances, custom framing will cost more than buying a pre-made frame, but the benefits of customization usually outweigh the cost. Make sure you’re aware of your options so you don’t overpay for custom framing.

Beware of the Big Box

Offerings at large commercial retailers, whether you step into a big box store anywhere from Albuquerque to Albany, will be identical. This is the customer experience these brands cultivate. 

But having this level of inventory at affordable prices comes at the expense of quality. The big box stores may lure you with offers of half – perhaps even more – off your custom frame, but remember these numbers are ginned up so that the house wins at the end of the day. 

In our own studies at American Frame, we have found custom framing prices at big box retailers, even with a coupon, are at least double what we charge as an independent retailer focused exclusively on framing.

Determine Your Required Level of Service

Let’s say you’re an artist and you’ve finished a canvas painting, and now it needs to be framed. Do you need an expert consultation on how to frame your piece? 

Most artists have the expertise, familiarity, or curiosity and drive to do this on their own. Learn more about DIY custom framing by reading up on the pros and cons of it.

There may be some folks out there that need this level of personal touch, but most custom frame jobs can be DIY. It’s more fun and it saves money.

If you need help from a pro, connect with a framing consultant.

DIY Framing - The Cost-Effective Choice

You’ll save on the cost of custom framing when you delve into the world of DIY picture framing. American Frame can get you started with designing your own custom framing project online

See how satisfying it is to be your own custom framer. Once you’ve broken the proverbial ice and framed a few simple things, you will be amazed how easy it is to do it yourself and save.

Finding the Best Quality at the Lowest Price

At American Frame, we promise only the best products from top manufacturers like Nielsen for metal picture frames and Bainbridge, Peterboro, and Crescent for mat boards

We use solid woods from a variety of reputable sources including Larson Juhl for frames and Nurre Caxton and Studio for mouldings. We also manufacture our own FSC-certified proprietary designs to bring you only the finest materials at the lowest possible custom framing prices anywhere online. All materials are handcrafted, PrecisionCut™ to the 1/16”, carefully packaged and shipped fast. Each order arrives with simple assembly instructions and all the hardware you need.

Getting Started with DIY Custom Framing

Learning how to frame your own art is easy, especially with all the resources available to you at American Frame:

  • Assembly
  • How-to
  • Terms glossary
  • Taking measurements
  • Video tutorials

See custom framing resources. 

Get in touch with American Frame for any assistance you need with your next custom framing project, including free color samples, instructional information, and more.

May 1, 2014
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