Choosing the Right Mounting Materials


Mounting tapes and other products are designed to secure artwork to a mat or backing board. When mounting your art or photography, it’s important to use the right product, as many tapes contain acids that could harm your artwork. Here are some I recommend to customers.
Adhesive Mounting Options
Adhesive mounting methods require some adhesive to be in contact with the artwork. The materials and adhesives used are incredibly important to consider and must be pH neutral or acid-free to keep your artwork safe.
Self Adhesive Linen Hinging Tape    
Linen is ideal because it is archival quality, pH neutral, and made from strong high thread-count cotton. Because of its greater tensile strength (resistance to breakage under pressure), it is preferred for mounting heavier papers, such as watercolor papers, as it will resist tearing from the weight of the artwork. This self-adhesive, white flexible tape is used for hinging window mats to backing board or for attaching art and photographs to backing boards. It’s sold in a 150’ roll or as a 15” strip.

Abaca Self-Adhesive Hinging Tape    
When mounting artwork or photographs on lighter weight, thin, or brittle papers, Abaca tape is preferred. Made from the strong fibers of the Abaca plant, it is thinner and lighter weight than linen so it will not show through thinner papers, yet still has the strength of linen. Abaca tape is acid-free, archival quality and biodegradable. It is sold in a 150’ roll.

Non-adhesive Mounting Options
For the highest level of conservation, avoid adhesive touching the art altogether and ensure the mounting can be reversed without damage.
Polyester Archival Mounting Corners    
These are pressure-sensitive triangle corners that are attached to the backing board. The artwork slides into them without any adhesive coming into contact with it. Made from clear archival polyester, they are acid-free and contain no harmful plasticizers.We sell the corners in a package of 240.

Archival SeeThru Mounting Strips    
These clear mounting strips are made of mylar and used to mount the edges of larger artwork instead of the corners. This is a hingeless, archival, reversible mounting method where no adhesive comes into contact with the artwork. To use, simply attach the strip to the mounting board, and then slide your art through the mylar. We sell the strips in a package of 60.

For more advice on mounting your artwork, contact our in-house framing experts or stop by our showroom.