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Change the Mood of Your Room

Whether you’re a DIY interior designer decorating your first home, or a professional creating the perfect mood for a client, there’s one decorative element you shouldn’t overlook. Changing the look of a room can be as easy as selecting the right framed art for its walls.
The hues of a piece go a long way toward creating ambiance in a room and the moods of the people in it. Consider the dominant colors of the piece you’re hanging. Warm tones like reds and oranges can make people feel physically warmer and more comfortable, as well as stimulate appetite, so they’re great choices for a living room or kitchen. Cooler tones like blues can cause the viewer to feel a drop in temperature, so they’re good for a room that tends to be warmer. Purples create a sophisticated feeling, while greens have been shown to stimulate creativity.
It’s also important to consider how the dominant tones of the piece complement or contrast with the colors of the walls and furniture in a room. Unless you’re going for a bold look, avoid art that clashes with the colors used in the room. A green painting, for instance, might be best used in a white room rather than a red room.
After you’ve nailed down your color scheme, consider the content of the pieces you’d like to hang. Family photographs are a great choice for a living room or den, as they remind us of fond memories that can improve our moods. An unusual piece, like a prop from a favorite movie or a framed sports jersey, is a great option for an office as it can act as a conversation starter and ice breaker. If you’re decorating for a client, choose art or photography that fits their lifestyle and makes them comfortable. Whatever you’re hanging, trust American®Frame for darkroom and museum quality fine art and photography printing.
After you’ve chosen your art or photography, decide how to present it creatively. That can be a unusual frame, a visually interesting mat, or an elaborate gallery wall display. You can also cluster groups of photographs and art together for a head-turning effect.
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May 2, 2019
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