Another American Frame capability: We print on canvas

We’re American Frame. Of course, we have frames. But there’s more to us than wood, metal, and acrylic.
There’s canvas.
We can reproduce your artwork or photos on canvas that’s even, taut, smooth, and ripple-free. How can we be so sure? Because we stretch the canvas by hand (unlike other canvas sources, who use a machine to mass produce).  

Here’s what makes our canvas production process different, and better:
  1. Excellent material We print on superior canvas: a 395gsm, 23 mil cotton-poly blend. It’s acid-free and lignin-free (lignin is a natural acid in the wood pulp).
  2. Strong and protected Our canvas is thick, sturdy, remains strong when stretched (high-tensile) and is protected with a UV coating.
  3. We do the stretching No mass production here. Our experienced, skilled professionals (they’ve been doing it for 14 years) stretch our canvas by hand, which gives us more control of the process. 
  4. Custom sizing Other canvas sources limit you to standard sizes, even though your original artwork is of any size but standard. We can stretch to your specific custom size.
  5. Color, color and more color Our printers can produce a wide array of colors.
  6. Archival inks We use them in our printing process.
  7. High color calibration Our printers are calibrated to International Color Consortium (ICC) standards. The result? Extremely accurate reproduction of your art file.
  8. Superior strainers Our canvases are stretched on strainers that are sturdy, custom-cut, and finger-joined. With larger canvases, we add cross braces for greater stability and to prevent bowing. A special touch: our strainers are rounded on the edges, so the canvas doesn’t get punctured.
  9. Hand-folded corners Once the canvas is centered on the strainers, the corners are hand-folded. With a Tensador II – the Cadillac of canvas stretchers – we clamp the canvas. Then, we stretch it across the strainers and insert staples for structural integrity. Once all four sides of the canvas are secure, we add finishing staples, so the canvas doesn’t loosen for the foreseeable future or the next 75 years, whichever comes first.

We offer three canvas options:

  • Standard Stretch Your image is centered on ¾” stretcher bars and stapled on all four sides. When your canvas is going to be framed, this is the best way to go.

  • Museum Wrap Here, the image is centered within white borders, then stretched around and stapled to 1 ½” stretcher bars. We recommend this technique when the edges of your image are close to the edge of the canvas, and shouldn’t bleed off the visible front of the canvas.

  • Gallery Wrap Your image is centered, wrapped around 1 ½” stretcher bars on all four sides and stapled to the back (same as the museum wrap, but without white borders). We suggest this technique for artwork with plenty of background on all four sides.
Ok, next steps…
Need to frame your canvas? We have exceptional canvas picture frames, and can show you how to frame a canvas.
Selling your artwork or photos? We can drop-ship your orders directly to your customers.