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Holidays 2020 
by Laura Jajko, president, American Frame
We’ve been working hard to finish 2020 – which has presented so many challenges – on a high note.
To make absolutely sure your holiday orders arrive on time, we’ve set our deadlines earlier than usual: December 4 for frame kits and print & frame services; and December 11 for print-only orders.
Although we’ve been challenged with supply chain issues that have plagued the entire framing industry, we’re moving past these challenges. That’s exciting. But we’re being conservative, making sure we’re stocked with all of the best-selling products. Some of the more unusual items, however, may not be so readily available. 
Please keep in mind: the shipping companies we depend on have also been challenged to keep up with the demands of increased online orders and eCommerce. That’s why our December 4 deadline for holiday orders is, we feel, appropriate.
We simply don’t want anyone to be disappointed. 
Despite the many challenges of 2020, I believe our holiday season will be strong, and we’ve staffed accordingly.  
We also have some exciting projects in the development for 2021 that we’ll be sharing soon. 
Until then, we look forward to making your holiday season great. There’s nothing quite like giving a friend or loved one something as personal and intrinsically valuable as a family photo, cherished artwork or letter, document, even a recipe, presented in a beautiful American Frame. We’re ready and excited to help make it happen.
Questions? Need assistance? Our team is here for you.
From everyone at American Frame, happy holidays 2020 to you and yours.

Laura Jajko, President