“They look so good together”: The value of frame connectors


(NOTE: Why is this one of our shortest blog posts? Because it’s about one of our simplest, easiest – and most practical – products.)
At American Frame, we’re all about two things: 1) figuring out ways to help your artwork look its best, and 2) finding the best products the world has to offer. That means wood picture frames. Metal picture frames. Framing accessories, including mat board, mounting board, and acrylic. And other picture framing supplies, from points to point drivers to spacers to hinging tape.
One of our most interesting and useful items – simple, easy, smart – is the frame connector.

On the wall or on a desk: Make a connection
Maybe you want to save space. Maybe you want to create a tabletop display. Or maybe a unique gallery wall is in your sights. A frame connector connects frames – wood to wood, metal to metal, wood to metal, you get the idea – easily.
With a frame connector, frames can be adjusted to the angle you desire.
Our frame connector is a legitimately easy DIY item to use. They’re easy to install using just a screwdriver. Watch our YouTube video about them here.
Enough said. Talk is cheap. And our frame connector is priced right. Buy it here.