Black mounting board: a visible difference

As picture frame supplies go, mounting board is one of the most functional.
It serves as a background for art presented in floating picture frames. Mounting board also works well in shadow boxes holding objects with greater mass than a paper-thin piece of artwork or photography, items such as medals, pocket watches, or coins.
If mounting board works behind the scenes to support artwork within a frame, does it really matter what color it is?

Mounting board serves another purpose. It eliminates the unsightly, makes the visible invisible, acts as a ghosting-buster.   
When being framed, some items – including double-sided pieces like newspaper articles and maps – can have a “ghosting” effect, which means the back of the item can be seen from the front.
Black mounting board can negate the ghosting effect best of any color.  

At American Frame, we offer Bainbridge® Acid-Free archival mounting board, which features a solid black core and satin black finish on both sides. Its ultra-smooth surface and non-reflective finish is scuff- and scratch-resistant. Like all Bainbridge products, it’s proudly made in Bridgeview, Illinois.
For more info on our mounting board options, see this blog post.