Artists: Homebound. Museums: closed. Creativity: High.

At American Frame, we’ve always appreciated artists, the works they create, and the museums that present much of the finest artwork to the world.

But recently, we’ve been amazed, impressed and inspired by what artists and museums around the world have dreamed up and produced during this unusual time of Coronavirus COVID-19. Here’s just some of what we’ve found interesting.
Be a human masterpiece
California’s J. Paul Getty Museum invited patrons to recreate classic works of art using things that they had right there at home. The results have been most interesting.
Coverage of the Getty’s project was even picked up as far away as Scotland, on the Scottish Sun’s website.
And according to this “Open Culture” post, Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring” oil painting proved particularly inspiring to many.

Home: Travel There Soon
Artists have also been creating some interesting original works, like these travel posters for the world’s most popular destination: Home.

With those lyrics, you could write a book.
Here, artists have reimagined classic rock songs – the titles of which seem pertinent at times like these – as book covers.
Zoom yourself to amazing places
“Limitations stimulate creativity,” begins this online article. It goes on to tell how Zoom, the teleconferencing software that has grown uber-popular during this time of social distancing, is showing how users can be virtually anywhere during a Zoom meeting: “a 1970s disco, the Taj Mahal…the starship Enterprise.” Such outlandish settings are made possible by Zoom’s "virtual background."  

Built especially for cultured Rodentia
And finally, here’s a museum of classical art designed for gerbils.
What artwork have you created during COVID-19? Whether it’s wall art or something completely off-the-wall, please show your work off here. If you’d like to frame what you’ve made, try our art assistant, a personalized custom picture frame service.