Happy Father's Day!


flag display case Father's Day is always special and a perfect time to relate the story of our dad, Ron Mickel.

Dad is the founder of American Frame. He opened the company in 1973, working by himself out of our family garage in South Toledo, personally custom cutting aluminum section picture frames, and filling orders to our customers, mostly artists, who found us via American Artist Magazine (the ‘go to’ resource for artists and photographers at that time). At the age of 40, equipped with a vision, a passion, a work ethic and very little cash, he was the very first to understand that custom picture frames could be sold as a DIY item via direct mail to the consumer, making framing easy and economical for customers of all types nationwide.  His idea proved worthy, sparked the DIY picture frame industry, and continues to evolve in ways he never predicted.

As you might well imagine, it is an honor and a privilege for us to be part of this great legacy.

A few yeas ago for our 40th anniversary, we produced a video that tells the The American Frame story, which we tell in five parts. Much of it features Dad, in his own words, describing the early days and the many challenges and opportunities, taken and not, that have led us to where we are today.

But this is so much more than an American business story. It's a family story. Dad invited us, his children, to jump in and see what we could do, given our own talents and interests. He taught us. He nurtured us. And he let us go. Now that's a great father.

We hope you enjoy the video. It's The American Frame story, and most importantly, a tribute to our Dad.

Happy Father's Day!

Laura (President), Dana (CEO), Matt (Photographer) & Mark (Musician)



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Through the years with our Dad 

American Frame in the infant stages -

Dad with the kids when American Frame was still a dream

A Birthday Celebration-

Laura (President) and Dana (CEO) enjoying a celebratory gathering with their father Ron


Ron with Dana-

Dana is the company's Chief Executive Officer

Ron with Matt-  

Matt currently runs the company's Photography and Videography Departments