Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

As an eco-conscious company and industry leader, you can rely on American Frame to be conservation-minded within our daily operations as well as to support community initiatives unrelated to our industry.

Every day American Frame strives to maximize the three R’s–Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This starts with great suppliers who value the health of our environment and our workforce as much as we do, therefore most companies we do business with are American and their products are manufactured in compliance with reforestation practices and other environmental standards set in this U.S. Where we do import, suppliers are held to the same standards as U.S. sources.

Production is the next step. All companies have waste, so reuse and recycling has been our focus. Some of the things we do include storing our metal, acrylic, paper and wood scraps until we can distribute them to other companies for manufacturing reuse, mulching the wood “skids” our supplies come on for use in garden beds and utilizing a special system to gather metal dust from our cutting tools. We also choose “green” materials whenever possible, such as cardboard packaging instead of Styrofoam because customers can usually recycle it.

Some waste isn’t as obvious as others, so we strive to examine our facilities and processes for opportunities to conserve energy. For example, our main building has a white roof to reduce heating and cooling.

Community Efforts

Some of our efforts go beyond our own manufacturing process and facilities to reach out to our community. The most far-reaching and impactful of these is our participation in UPS’ Carbon Neutral Fund, certified by the CarbonNeutral Company. For every UPS shipment we send, American Frame donates 5 cents (ground) or 20 cents (air) to a project that will offset the carbon emissions in that shipment. This earns our shipments the CarbonNeutral seal which you’ll see on our packages.

One of the four certified projects UPS funds is the Garcia River restoration in California whose goal is to preserve Redwood and Douglas Fir forests, two trees crucial to storing carbon and thus improving the environment for all of us. (Rest assured, these donations haven’t increased your shipping costs and they are made on every package, even those shipped free.)

More modest, but very worthy, outreach efforts include the large bins we encourage our employees to use for their personal recyclable papers and woods and the usable leftover mats and frames we donate to schools and other art programs. If you’re local, come in and search our Free Bin for other usable over runs and leftovers and take advantage of extra low prices on ready-made frames.

Have questions or suggestions about our sustainable projects? Contact us by calling (800) 537-0944 or email