Wood Wedding Frames

H: 1 "     W: 2 3/4"     R: 5/8"
H: 1 1/2"     W: 2 1/2"     R: 3/4"
H: 1 1/2"     W: 2 1/2"     R: 5/8"
H: 3/4"     W: 2 7/8"     R: 1/2"
H: 1 3/8"     W: 2 1/4"     R: 13/16"
H: 1 1/4"     W: 2 3/4"     R: 7/8"
To enhance the visual appeal of your wedding photos, try creative cropping techniques that highlight the emotion of a moment. Your focal point could be the groom’s face when he first sees his bride’s dress, or his mother’s eyes welling with tears as she watches her son exchanging vows. With so many touching moments in each wedding ceremony, there are so many ways to create photos that stand out.

After the wedding, preserve your images with a beautiful custom treatment. At American Frame, we make it easy to print and frame your work, so you can focus on your next job - or your new marriage. Frame for yourself, or have our experts build your custom wood frame treatment from start to finish.

You’ll want these images to last for years, so select archival backing boards, mat boards and mounting solutions for the ultimate in photo preservation. If you’re showcasing your wedding photographs in a gallery, juxtapose elegant wood picture frames with industrial metal frames to keep viewers guessing and engaged.