Rustic Wood Frames

H: 1 3/16"     W: 1 1/16"     R: 1 "
H: 2 "     W: 1 "     R: 1 1/2"
H: 7/8"     W: 1 3/4"     R: 5/8"
H: 3/4"     W: 2 7/8"     R: 1/2"
H: 3/4"     W: 2 7/8"     R: 1/2"
H: 1 3/8"     W: 3/4"     R: 1 1/8"
H: 1 3/8" W: 3/4" R: 1 1/8"

Serious Protection

Your frame may be informal, yet your attitude about your work is anything but. Keep it safe with our Plexiglas sheets. Whether you want to protect your art from harmful UV rays or reduce glare for better viewing, we’ve got the options you need. And since our Plexiglas sheets are made of sturdy but lightweight acrylic, there’s no need to worry about breakage or falls caused by a display that’s too heavy. Cleaning acrylic is easy. We recommend reusable acrylic cleaning cloths. With just a few swipes, you’ll lift dust, fingerprints and skin oils from the surface for totally uncompromised viewing.

Not sure which type of acrylic is right for your art and custom frame? Let us help you. Contact our customer service team.