Sports Jersey Display Case

If you are a sports fan, then a sports jersey display case is exactly what you need to show off that perfect piece of memorabilia that is the center of your collection.  If you know someone else who is a sports fan, then you have just stumbled upon the best gift that he or she will ever receive. 

After all, a jersey isn’t just any old shirt.  It’s what you were wearing when you hit that unbelievable home run.  It’s what your idol autographed for you after you’d waited in line for so long that your feet are still hurting from it.  Or it’s the representation of your favorite player on your favorite team at the height of his or her career. 

By tucking it safely into a sports jersey display case, you’ll not only be able to see it whenever you want, but you’ll be able to show it to everyone you know, while keeping it safe over many years to come. This allows you to get the very most out of that exceptional piece of memorabilia. 

What’s more, these display cases are extremely simple to use.  The Nielsen® preassembled jersey frames are front loading, which makes it easy to open up and to create the display you want.  It features a simple type of garment hanger that lets you quickly and easily set up the jersey in a very professional way. 

In this way, you’ll know that you’ll be able to keep the same piece perfectly protected for years, or you will be able to easily switch the jerseys with the seasons, so that you’ll always represent the teams that you’re supporting at the time.