Our gallery collection of frames are ready made and of very high quality, making them appropriate for virtually any framing treatment, regardless of whether it is for yourself or to be given as a gift.  These ready-made frames suit every season and virtually every décor, making it much simpler for you to be able to make the choice as to which options to choose for your next framing project.

Each of our gallery collection frame kits provide you with everything you need to complete a simple framing project for yourself or someone important to you.  Every kit contains a solid wood frame and/or a Nielsen® metal frame.  It will also have a high quality bevel-cut mat, that will have either multiple or single openings, depending on the selection hat you have made.  You will also receive a mounting board in addition to acrylic glazing at a museum grade level. 

All of these components of the gallery collection frames allow you to know that you will be able to frame your photo or artwork in a way that is attractive and that will keep it protected over time.
Moreover, you don’t need to have any special knowledge, experience, or tools to be able to use these frames because when they arrive, they are already fully assembled and ready for you to use.  You won’t need to purchase any additional accessories or tools and you won’t need to watch any tutorials to understand how to create the display you want for your photo or artwork.

That said, if you are interested in custom frames, don’t forget to check out our considerable selection within our Wood Gallery Frame Collection.