These Art Show Kits are available as both general purpose and archival kits. The general purpose kit features the Bainbridge Papermat Extreme White E4709 Mat Board with Standard Mounting Board. The archival kit features the Bainbridge Alphamat Spanish White 8463 Mat Board with Archival Mounting Board.

Both kits are available in the following sizes:

  • 5x7 to fit 3x5 artwork

  • 8x10 to fit 4x6 artwork

  • 8x10 to fit 5x7 artwork

  • 11x14 to fit 8x10 artwork

  • 11x14 to fit 8 1/2x11 artwork

  • 16x20 to fit 11x14 artwork

  • 20x24 to fit 16x20 artwork

The kits are in addition to the discounted precut mat packages already offered at up to 50% off on our website.