Refined Rustic Frame and Mat Kits

Frame: Palladio Black Brown Wood
Mat: Bottom Arabian White

Frame: Rustics White Wood
Mat: Bottom Ice White, Top Cobblestone

Frame: Rustics Black Wood
Mat: Bottom Ash, Top Sorrel

Frame: Restorations Blue Grey Wood
Mat: Bottom Steel Grey, Top Camel Linen

Frame: Arts & Crafts Distressed Walnut Wood
Mat: Bottom Wheat 6 Ply

Frame: Restorations Grey Wood
Mat: Bottom Dover Grey, Top Chino Linen

Frame: Arts & Crafts Natural Wood
Mat: Bottom Sorrel, Top Seurat Linen

Frame: Rustics Grey Wash
Mat: Bottom Cobblestone

Frame: Restorations Hazelnut Wood
Mat: Bottom Sand

Frame: Arts & Crafts Walnut Wood
Mat: Bottom Black, Top Soapstone w/ Black Core

Frame: Rustics Grey Wood
Mat: Bottom Sand, Top Dover Grey

Frame: Econo-Wood White Wood
Mat: Bottom White, Top Grey 8 Ply

The Refined Rustic collection includes single and double mats in warm-to-cool hues and textures that help unearth looks that may otherwise remain unexplored. Discerning customers will be pleased with the PrecisionCut™ perfect edges, while the backing boards are acid-free and the glazing is clear archival framer’s grade acrylic. The rustic picture frames and treatments can be purchased as designed, or the artist can make customizations to suit their preference.