Not So Standard Frame and Mat Kits

Frame: Standard Frosted Pewter Metal
Mat: Bottom Vermeer Black Linen

Frame: Standard Contrast Grey Metal
Mat: Bottom Ice White

Frame: Standard Plus One Graphite Metal
Mat: Bottom Frost 6 Ply

Frame: Standard Plus One Antique Gold Metal
Mat: Bottom White Cloud Linen

Frame: Standard Plus German Silver Metal
Mat: Bottom Arabian White, Top Ash w/ Grey Core

Frame: Standard Plus One Brushed Bright Black Metal
Mat: Bottom Jet Black, Top Heather Grey Linen

Frame: Standard Plus Black Metal
Mat: Bottom Spanish White w/ Black Core 6 Ply

Frame: Standard Plus Three Frosted Gold Metal
Mat: Bottom Metallic Gold, Top Black 6 Ply

Frame: Standard Bright White Metal
Mat: Bottom Jet Black

Frame: Standard Plus Three Black Bean Metal
Mat: Bottom Tuscan Brown, Top French White

Frame: Standard Plus Three Brushed Aluminum Metal
Mat: Bottom Black, Middle Metallic Silver, Top Black

Frame: Standard Plus Three Software Metal
Mat: Bottom French White, Top French White

The Not So Standard collection highlights the use of luxurious linen and 6-ply mat choices to further differentiate this collection of metal picture frames and treatments. It includes our “Standard” profiles in four sizes: Standard; Standard +; Standard +1; and Standard +3. The made-in-the-USA frames from Nielsen arrive as an easy-to-assemble DIY kit. The backing boards are acid-free and the glazing is clear archival framer’s grade acrylic. Purchase from the collection as designed or customize as you wish.