Carbonite Collaboration

A Partnership to Preserve Your Digital Art & Images and Provide You Peace of Mind

A study we conducted found that 70 percent of the professional photographers and artists who do business with American Frame do NOT back up their digital images.

As a result, we have partnered with industry-leader Carbonite to help our customers protect their valued work.

Digital images, like anything else on a person’s computer, are vulnerable to a crash or virus attack. Many of our customers are serious art enthusiasts who spend hours taking and refining their photos for both personal pleasure and professional resale so we’re going to give them the opportunity to protect their investment.

Carbonite is the leader in providing cloud-based backup and restore solutions to the health and financial industry. We knew it would be a natural fit for them to protect the valuable data of our creative community easily and economically.

carbonite partnership

For photographers, artists and other creative professionals

“At Carbonite, we recognize that photographers, artists and other creative professionals consider data the lifeblood of their business. We are proud of our partnership with American Frame, which ensures that creative professionals have peace of mind that digital assets are secure and available.”

– Norman Guadagno, Carbonite senior vice president

Cloud storage vs. cloud backup

Many people, and even businesses, use cloud storage or syncing services because they are convenient, easy to use and often free. But users learn the hard way that cloud storage and syncing does not offer the same protection from accidental deletions and other mishaps as cloud backup from Carbonite.

Nearly 2/3 of data loss is due to human error. If you're using cloud storage as a substitute for backup, you can easily lose data through accidental deletion, overwriting or by simply forgetting to upload before a natural disaster strikes.

  • Automation

    True cloud backup doesn’t rely on users to manually drag and drop files or upload them to the cloud. It works automatically and in the background, backing up all user files and data, and scanning for changes along the way

  • Pricing

    Different cloud service providers have different policies regarding data privacy, but a true backup provider would never compromise customer data privacy, or allow anyone else to do so, for marketing purposes, service enhancement or any other reason. Beware the fine print with free cloud storage providers.

  • Versioning

    With cloud backup, earlier versions of files are stored for 30 days. So even if you overwrite a file, you can still recover it from an earlier backup

  • Recovery

    Cloud backup also enables you to log in to your account and restore data to replacement hardware. So if you have a local failure, you can recover with minimal interruption.

  • Encryption

    In most cases, a cloud backup service will encrypt your files before uploading to the cloud, and send it through a secure tunnel using advanced encryption technology. Not all cloud storage providers give you this feature, especially ones designed for consumers.

  • Control

    You have much more control over your data when you determine your backup policy and have it administered automatically by a backup solution. This greatly reduces the chances of human error compared with an ad hoc, manual process.