Creating an Account to Purchase Art & Photo Frames Online

Creating an account on our website is easy and an efficient way to manage your purchases and order our photo frames online at American Frame. Having an account allows you to view past orders, input billing and multiple shipping addresses,  create an art gallery to sell your artwork through our site, or make your gallery private for archiving images to print.

Here’s how you create an account:

From the homepage, click on “my account” in the upper right-hand corner to get started. homepage

If you already have an account, sign in on the left side by entering your username and password.

sign in or create an account

For new users, register on the right side by entering your name, email, and creating a password. Our website will let you know the strength of your password as you type it in.

new users should create an account

After registering, you will be taken to this page where you should enter your billing information. Check whether this address is a business or a residence. Click “update profile” at the bottom to save your information.

On the left, you will find a menu that contains all the options for your account.

edit my profile

Under “Address Book,” click “add address” to add an address to your book. Here, you can add multiple shipping addresses for your convenience.

click add an address

Create a nickname for your address to make it easy to determine which address you want to choose at a later date. Once all the information is filled in, click “add address” at the bottom of the page.

fill in fields to add a new address

If you add more than one address, this is how it will appear. Edit or delete the addresses at any time.

adding multiple addresses

Under “Orders,” you will find past order details. Because we haven’t ordered anything yet, we have no orders to display.

see past order details

Create an Art Gallery profile to sell your artwork on our site. Once your profile is completed, you can add artwork to your gallery under “my art gallery.”

create an art gallery account

Once logged in, you will see your name and email displayed at the top of the page!

see your username in the top right corner

And that’s all there is to it! You now have an account that makes it easy to order the products you love!

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