Creating an Account to Purchase Art & Photo Frames Online

Creating an account on our website is easy and an efficient way to manage your purchases and order our photo frames online at American Frame. Having an account allows you to view past orders, input billing and multiple shipping addresses,  create an art gallery to sell your artwork through our site, or make your gallery private for archiving images to print.

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Measuring Artwork for Framing

I’m into Monet. Not Math.

Don’t fret, measuring your artwork for framing is not as daunting as it may seem, just remember the old adage, “measure twice, cut once.”

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Creating Custom Size Picture Frames by Art Size or Frame Size

At, it is now possible to design your custom size picture frames by starting with either the size of the artwork you are framing, or to build it by the size of the frame you desire; a feature that is new to our website. Here we discuss the difference.

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Exploring the New Frame Detail Page

So you have some things to frame and you’ve come to our site to browse. After a little searching, you’ve found the perfect frame, so you think. How can you make sure? Consult the Frame Detail page.

How do you find this page? It’s simple. Let’s go through the process from the beginning.

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