DIY Picture Framing: Do You Offer Design Services?

American Frame is proud to help design your perfect treatment, both in person and via our framing engine.

retail Showroom in Maumee, Ohio

If you live near Maumee, Ohio, we invite you to stop into our retail Showroom, where experienced picture frame designers can offer face-to-face, hands-on assistance.  If you’re further away, or just want to do it all from the convenience of home, give our online mock-up tool a try.  This virtual framing process shows you exactly what you are choosing—materials, sizes—as you go.  And don’t be shy about experimenting!  You can try as many treatments as you like.  If you want to see your choices side-by-side, open multiple windows in your browser and design different treatments in each window.  Still not sure?  By all means, order up some samples to touch and see the real thing before you order.  If you still have questions, call us at 800.537.0944. One of our associates will be happy to assist you!

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AubreyK | 9/26/2014 10:31:05 AM | 5 comments
Hi,we are manufactor in China,specialized in photo frame.We have interesting to cooperated with you.
10/3/2014 6:09:10 AM

American Frame

That's right. It's fairly easy once you realize your options! And we're always here to help.
9/26/2014 3:50:48 PM

American Frame

It is fun! Play around with options until you find the perfect frame treatment.
9/26/2014 3:46:33 PM

It's a lot of fun too!
9/26/2014 2:27:38 PM

Remember, you are the "frame artist". Our designers will help you on path to designing your own. You will be amazed how easy it can be!
9/26/2014 2:03:44 PM