How to Size a Canvas Floater Frame with ¼ Inch Offset

Learn the proper way to size and order a Canvas Floater Frame with an offset.

Q: I want to purchase a gold wood floater frame for a 30" x 20" canvas. I would like there to be a gap between the frame and canvas of about 1/4". What size frame do I order?

A: With your 30” x 20” canvas, and a ¼” offset, you would order your frame at 30 ½” x 20 ½”. This is because adding a ¼” to each side would add an extra ½” for the height and ½” for the width. However, make sure when measuring your canvas that you are measuring at the folds, which are the widest parts. The folds can sometimes add up to an extra ¼” to the overall measurement. 

Be sure to select "Frame Size" when ordering, and with a floater frame you won't need acrylic, mats or a mounting board.

Once you receive your order, here’s how to secure the canvas within the frame:

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It's very easy once you know exactly what to do!
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Doesn't get much easier than that!
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